What To Look Out For On Your Kimberley Guided Tour

Have you always wanted to explore Kimberley? As one of the most beautiful areas in Australia, it certainly has a lot to offer those who want to visit. By choosing a Kimberley guided tour, you can make the most of every moment. Here's what you should look out for on yours.

Cable Beach

As a 22km stretch of white sand that faces onto the Indian Ocean, Cable Beach is the perfect place to unwind. In terms of scenery, it's no ordinary beach. From the red cliffs to the sand dunes, the structures that frame it make it beautifully unique. Depending on the Kimberley guided tour you choose, you may be able to engage in some activities there too. Otherwise, it's an ideal spot for watching skilled surfers catching some waves.

Purnululu National Park

As a World Heritage site, Prunululu National Park is more than 350 million years old. Its orange and black striped domes look a lot like beehives, and it's rich in Aboriginal heritage. Thanks to its unique flora and fauna and litany of pools, a trip to Purnululu National Park will leave you feeling as though you're stepping into another world. As one of Kimberley's most aesthetically pleasing areas, this is definitely a place for breaking out your camera.

Dimalurru National Park

Why see one national park when you can visit two? At Dimalurru National Park, you'll find a series of tunnels, creeks, and freshwater pools that you can wade in. Nature is at its finest at Dimalurru, but make sure you watch out for the crocodiles and freshwater pythons. While there, you'll also see five different species of bats, including ghost bats and fruit bats. If your Kimberley guided tour does feature Dimalurru, make sure you pack a torch and some footwear designed for getting wet.

Cape Leveque

From the striking red rock cliffs to the crystal turquoise water, Cape Leveque is an undeniable haven for those who love beaches. If you love to spend time fishing, you'll enjoy an unparalleled experience. With tuna, mackerel and sailfish in abundance, you'll soon find a tasty catch. If fishing isn't for you, you can always go for a leisurely swim or try snorkelling. Cape Leveque is easily worth a day of your time, so make sure the guided tour you choose features it.

Overall, Kimberley has a lot to offer anyone who visits there. All you need to do is find a guided tour that focuses on its best features.